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The user of the target device will not be able to detect that Spyzie is installed.

So, Spyzie is a perfect app to track phone without them knowing. This special spy app works perfectly on iOS devices and Android devices. Apart from tracking the location, Spyzie is capable of tracking all the activities of the target device. You can download Spyzie here. Get Spyzie.

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It comes with a range of features to track smartphones remotely. It can operate in stealth mode to track any iOS or Android device without any hassle. Just like Spyzie, this software tool has the ability to operate in the background. It can track a variety of activities including chats, browsing history, call logs, SMS, etc. Get mSpy.

Best Spy Apps for Android & iPhone

If you are an Android phone user, you must have used Google Maps at least once. Google Maps comes as a default application in all the Android OS versions. However, some time ago, Google and Apple reportedly had a clash that led Apple to develop own mapping system.

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In fact, that was the beginning of the Apple Maps which has now become a default feature for iPhones. However, now they have advanced into a standard that matches Google Maps.

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Both of these apps have become popular among respective users. Nevertheless, Apple Map is compatible with iOS devices only. If you have an Android device and want to run an Apple Map, you cannot do it.


But, on the other hand, Google Maps works on other platforms as well. If you need a GPS tracker that keeps you posted about the whereabouts of a target device, try Spyera. You can use any web browser and monitor all the activities on the target phone if you use Spyera. All you have to do is to install Spyera on the device you intend to track and start monitoring. The installed client will capture all the activities on the target device and work as a spy app. More importantly, it works in stealth mode, and the target user will not detect it.

Get Spyera. The developers have used a powerful program to capture the locations accurately as opposed to many other apps in the market.

5 Best Spy Apps for Android & iPhone []: Hidden Phone Trackers

One of the worst nightmares you could face as a parent is not being able to reach your child and not knowing where they are. Our hidden GPS spy tracker app was developed with this exact scenario in mind. If you notice that your son or daughter is not where they are supposed to be and you suspect they may be in danger, you can act quickly without wasting time. You will also be able to track their movements in real-time, which is especially useful if they walk, cycle, or take public transport to school by themselves.

If you are an employer whose employees are on the road or work outside of the office, you may decide to provide them with a tablet or smartphone to make it easier for them to get their job done. There might be a great number of reasons that push people to take this step, not the least of which is a deliberate seduction. Every married couple may experience some problems, but relationships based on true feelings can survive any mishap.

If you are going through an infidelity recovery with your spouse, consenting to install this program on both your smartphones would show that you have no secrets from each other. For example, you might be able to catch any incidents of cyberbullying at the workplace that your spouse might be too embarrassed to discuss.

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This thought alone might be enough of a deterrent for any dubious contacts, especially when the person is inebriated. Versatility is essential in this case as smartphones are advanced devices that offer numerous opportunities for communication and arranging secret rendezvous. Spy Phone App can do all this and more.