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FamiSafe is one of the apps which is highly recommended by lots of users if you want to know what your kids are doing. Simply, create an account and configure the app on the target device to start monitoring. Fight against Cyberbullying with FamiSafe. Learn More. Try it Now. Thomas Jones.

10 Best Child Phone Tracking Apps for Android

What can child phone tracker app do for us? FamiSafe Child Tracker 2. Norton Family parental control 3.

DOWNLOAD FREE #1 Family Locator App. Track kids, wife, husband mobile, cell phone. Android, iPhone.

Glympse 5. Find My Kids — Child Locator 7. Kaspersky SafeKids 9. MMGuardian Parental Control SecureTeen Parental Control.

Top 10 Free Apps to Track Kids Phone and Location

FamiSafe Child Tracker FamiSafe is website based monitoring tool designed for parents and business employers to track kids and employees. Features It is great child phone tracker app with an array of features which help you in tracking. You can track the real-time location of the target device using FamiSafe. In FamiSafe, the user will find flexible subscription place that is affordable in price.

Monitor Your Kids Anytime, Anywhere

No need to handle everything on your kid's phone. Once the app is installed, you can make set everything on your own device flexibly. Set screen time limits and make sure their phone can not be used during study or sleep time or in specific places such as schools and bedroom. Norton Family parental control Norton is one of the leading companies which offer security services. Features With Norton Family Parental Control, you can easily access the location of your kid device without knowing them.

Website blocking is also possible with the help of Norton Parental Control.

How to Track Your Kid's Cell Phone Location for Free

You can also track web browsing history including YouTube history, and web browser. Features Keep an eye on web activities 24 x 7.

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ESET also allow a parent to block applications on the target device. Glympse Glympse is one of the best location tracking applications available on the Google Play Store. Features There is no need to sign up in order to use this service. One can view the live location of target person using Glympse.

Features One can create ground inside the app to communicate with others. It will show you real-time location of the target There are many other types of features available in this application.

How to track your kids with your iPhone

Features: Real-time location tracking is easier with Find my kids. Find my kids is also equipped with a geofencing function to get a notification when target person leaves or enter the specified area. Share location with more than one user. Compatible OS: It is compatible with Android devices only. Features It is available at free of cost. Website blocking is easier with Kaspersky SafeKids. MMGuardian Parental Control MMGuardian parental control is a parental control tool which is used by millions of Android users to know where their kids are.

Features You can download this kid tracker app at free of cost. But, the free version is available only for 30 days. Easy to block websites. The user interface of this application is clean. SecureTeen Parental Control Originally developed by Infoweise Pty Ltd, this is one of the best location tracking applications designed for Android devices.

Features It is efficient and powerful. This is critically important, especially if you know your child will be traveling to rural locations, on a camping expedition or heading overseas on a class trip. Apple's logically titled "Find My iPhone" requires the app to be installed on your kid's phone. As long as you have access to the Apple account and password information, you can locate the device quickly.

Turn the feature on your kid's phone by tapping "Settings" and then "iCloud. Flip the switch to the right to activate the feature. Go online to www.

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Click on the "Find My iPhone" radar icon. In a few seconds, all Apple devices with the app that are turned on and connected to iCloud will appear on a map, indicated by colored pushtack icons. By clicking on the bubble that appears over the icon, you can locate the phone down to the street level. Although this is not percent precise, the app will get you to within a few hundred feet of the actual device location.

Android's answer to finding lost phones or phone users is Where's My Droid. A neat feature of this app is that you don't need to be using another Android phone to find your child's device. You then receive map coordinates, a Google Maps link and the nearest address to the Android device. Tapping on the Google Maps link brings up a virtual map similar to Apple's, showing you the location within a few hundred feet of the actual location. Where's My Droid lets you change the command key word or "attention word" to wake the unit up, and make the unit ring with a specific tone in case your child has been ignoring the standard ringtone.

Plan B is similar to Where's My Droid, but allows you to install the Mugshot from Kaspersky app after the phone and the user has gone missing.

Mugshot from Kaspersky takes photos of the area surrounding the phone, using a remote command you issue. Although this is of limited utility if the device is in a pocket or stuffed in a backpack, if the child is carrying the device you may be able to glean clues as to the unit's location. Location services for both Apple and Android devices must be activated prior to finding the devices on a virtual map.