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Under data protection act we can't even speak to her ,she doesn't need to tell us anything ,the worse part for me is knowing my brother lies in a cold dark lonely mortuary slab,no dignity ,respect has been offered to my brother ,he was a very successful man,a father grandfather ,brother ,son ,cousin ,he was so much and now hers just been left to rot while she gets her life in order ,I can't put into words exactly how I ffeeland don't know where to turn for help. Maggie - Oct AM.

Within a week, 14 collection accounts on my report were removed! This was magical, to crown it all, my student loans were disputed and removed too. All it took me was a detailed phone conversation with him on 4 0 7 9 0 0 6 2 9 9. I explained all my problems to him and he told me not to worry.

He didn't charge too much and a deposit token was all he took to do my job, I'm gladly paying his balance today as well as give him a tip. He's the real deal. WillyVera - Aug PM. I lost it acts of 20 years and he abused me financially physically and mentally through in a relationship and it continued to spiral what you were saying for situations one day in July of I finally had the police come and get him as he was trying to crawl under my garage door because he was drunk and obsessed with wondering who I was with and I was just trying to exit the relationship of 20 years.

After that he did do a long stint afraid once in jail in and out of mental hospitals suicide watch and he was finally sober and we started to try to cultivate a friendship which was happening he was my best friend we had many good times but they were always peppers with the alcoholism and he died on December 5th and struck by a car and he was sober and I had just talked to him and he was on the border of harassing me asking when I was going to pick him up the next day to go see our son.

He died that night right after we talked andI informed him that he can't keep calling me like he is and I am in a relationshipbut I wanted to keep it in my life as a friend and get him set up to where he needed to be and he was doing so good he was early in his sobriety and I've never seen him like that in twenty years and it was so happy for him I just wanted to get him moved on and he still thought we were going to get back together which we weren't and he was clear on that but I for some reason thought that I would be helping him by staying connected for our son and helping him through his sobriety and then he suddenly died I was not invited at the funeral or the hospital when I found out he was in intensive care and I have terrible terrible issues with the closure on this as families trying to make it sound like I am the reason why he died and I am just torn and nobody came to see me.

Any of our friends my son did speak at the funeral and everyone asked him where I was.

All of us while cultivating a new relationship. I am so confused i igrief what to think what to do where to go how to act who to talk to some people have reached out to me but I'm so closed off I can't even begin to talk about it I can't go on Facebook I can't even see anything about anybody commenting on him because it's too real. It's been since December and I have lost three other friends since then my sister both of my animals and am financially devastated due to the abuse.

I'm in shock still and I am confused as if he killed himself or if it was an accident and nobody will talk to me about anything. Krissy - Aug AM. My sister was murdered 4 months ago. My partner was so supportive for the first month, up until the funeral.

Infidelity: Does the Root Cause Matter?

Maybe it is the grief ruining our relationship. Am I being too needy? Sorry, this was more of a rant than anything but please feel free to leave opinions or advice.

The Trauma of Infidelity Will Make You Do What You Never Thought You Would Do

I'm going through the grief of losing my partner of 14years so suddenly of cancer, he had a terrible cold and was left with a cough which lasted weeks, went for tests and biopsies, in and out of hospital and eventually we got the results which was terminal in five different places it had spread so quickly they gave him 2 to 3 months to live, he died a week later, it was so shocking and devastating,never had anytime to spend together!

That was a year and 4months Christmas time, I have met someone new, but I'm in conflict with my emotions! I'm still grieving for my partner, but have happy ones with my new partner, but cant cope anymore, what should I do, his a great guy, but inside I have a lot of sadness too! My partner 24y 's dad died of heart attack. After death she Didn't called me even she Didn't received may phone calls. After 5 hours she called me and informed me then i rushed out to her and see a guy from her class who proposed her before me and a major problem in our relationship was there and he was informed by her while her father died.

We are in a relation about 1. And for this guy we broke up several times.

How to repair your relationship after someone cheats

I feel left out and very stupid. What should i do. This is affecting my mental health also i can feel that. KK - May PM. I've just read this article following the death of my father 5 weeks ago. It was sudden and unexpected. Since then I've been very busy planning the funeral etc, which happened yesterday but today I've had nothing to plan, nothing to focus on.

I've been thinking about things and realised I've started to push my partner of 4 years away.

I feel angry that he can't provide me with the support I need. But ultimately he is grieving too and doing his best to help me.

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After reading the comments here I just hope everyone has got some help, I hope the website has replied to you all and you are getting the support you need. We all have long journeys of grief ahead of us and I hope we are able to find some strength to get through. Nrl - May PM. On May 3rd my husband was admitted to hospital with pulmonary emholi.

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A CT scan showed that there was 'something else' was there in his lungs. Finally after more scans and biopsies we were told on 24th May that he had stage 4 lung cancer which had already spread to his lymph glands and various bones He was told it was incurable, but manageable. He was asked if he wanted to know 'how long' He was offered chemo to help manage the condition but after the first dose was unwell,and after a week was admitted to hospital with C.

While he was in hospital he picked up pneumonia, and after just 3 days at home was readmitted to hospital.

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Two weeks later he was sent home,much to my surprise as he was clearly still very unwell. Within hours he was back in there again.

Error #1: Early-Treatment Misdiagnosis

More anti biotics, several blood transfusions why he needed those I don't know. Two days later I was told they would be starting 'end of life care, and I should call the family round. My daughter and family were in Italy on holiday. My son at the other end of the country. Thankfully they both arrived the next day and saw their Dad briefly before he passed away a few hours later, just 6 weeks from diagnosis.

I coped so well for a while, I was determined to get through till Christmas! Then on boxing day I hit the deck!

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In fact I've got steadily worse,and finally after sitting here contemplating a huge box of tablets,I phone the Samaritans help line. That weekend was dreadful. Admitting to my daughter what I'd had in mind. So we've tried to get some counselling for me. Our NHS, a long waiting list. Cruse Bereavement, a two month waiting list. So I'm going privately and had my first informal meeting with a counsellor yesterday. It's something I've never wanted to do So I'll give it a go. Watch this space! I lost my Mom, Dad and Aunt last year. I was one therapy at the time and asked her to join me She left me with our son and all the household and finances responsibility.

I still greaves but feel guilty now trying to hide so not to run anybody else off. This sucks Lonely - Apr PM. It has broke my heart and my partner has not been there for me at all despite telling me he will always make me happy and be there for me. I feel so lost and lonely Bexbub - Apr AM.