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Action time eavesdropping. This is due to the fact that it is not spy software, but a tool for staying in touch. The audience hated it, just as they had the first time it appeared in Samsung's "desktop experience" was previously a way to turn your phone into a PC by attaching a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It was sold as a way to work anywhere without a laptop. The reason it never took off was that keyboards, mice, and monitors aren't that portable, and there isn't much of a business infrastructure of workstations with peripherals but no PCs. The obvious use for this is drag-and-drop file transfer, but there are two other potential killer apps.

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One is in business: If you have a secure enclave on your phone protected with Samsung's Knox software, you can now use that data on your laptop within the virtual-machine window. But the other use could be much broader.


It lets you use messaging and social media apps that don't have good PC clients, on your PC. I'm constantly getting text messages and Google Hangouts on my phone, and I keep breaking focus from the work I'm doing on my PC to look at the smaller screen.

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With DeX, that's fixed. Hangouts works great on DeX. Snapchat and TikTok work surprisingly well. Instagram works fine, except that you can't resize it so it's stuck in a pretty small subwindow. There are other ways to manage the dual-screen life, and Samsung offers one here, too: Link to Windows, a lower-impact feature of Windows 10 that doesn't open a full virtual machine window, but just integrates SMS and notifications into your Windows desktop.

That's fine, if that's all you need. I've tried various other solutions with various other Android phones. Google Messages for web is cool, but has to be freshly logged-in every time you close your browser window. Ditto for the Google Hangouts Chrome extension. There's a desktop app for Instagram, but it doesn't work well. Popping your whole phone up in a window seems like a clean way of dealing with these issues. They are effectively the same as the ones on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

On the back, you have a megapixel main camera with 1. The front camera is 10 megapixels. The time-of-flight sensor, so far, is not terribly useful. It enables an AR measuring app, but that's about it. In the future it's supposed to enable a "3D scanner" feature that scans objects and then turns them into 3D avatars you can then put into AR scenes or even make act things out via motion-capture, but that feature isn't live yet.


The S9, Note 9, and S10 all take great-looking pictures in good light, and the Note 10 does, too. I'm especially impressed by how sharp the wide-angle lens is at the edges; the OnePlus 7 Pro's wide-angle lens gets really soft in those areas. Samsung's cameras at this point trail Google and Huawei on low-light performance, and they've made essentially no gains from the S9 to Note 10 generations.

As the lights go down, images get blurry and laden with artifacts.

I found that Samsung's night mode essentially turns the brightness up a bit, without pulling out many more details. Samsung has added a bunch of interesting filters and effects to this phone, although they'll also bubble down to the S10 generation. I particularly like the "color-pop" effect, also available on Motorola phones, which makes the main subject of an image color where the background is black-and-white.

You can apply color-pop and blur filters to videos, as well. The phone does very well at finding the edges of a subject for the color-pop effect, but it often has trouble with a too-shallow virtual depth of field for the background blur effect, especially on the front camera.

Google's Pixel phones do a bit better there. With video recording, there's one more flagship feature: an "audio zoom" effect that magnifies the sound from a source as you zoom in on it. I tested it zooming in on a conversation in a noisy room, and while it isn't magic, it definitely makes the conversation more prominent as you zoom in.

Is it a spy cam feature? Borderline — I still couldn't be more than 20 feet or so from the conversation, but I could certainly have used it if I was a private investigator at a restaurant. Coming from a previous Samsung phone, the wide-angle camera may be the biggest change.

I really like wide-angle lenses; they offer a lot of options for composition that you just can't get with a standard lens.